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Everyone dreams to live a standard luxurious life. Most students going for overseas higher education more likely to select the country and the university based on the following criteria.

  • Job Opportunities
  • Visa Extension after Education and there is also a possibility of Permanent Residency
  • University Ranking and Reputation
  • Local Language in the country (whether it is English or some other)
  • Courses offered by The University
  • Student’s interest in the course
  • Tuition fees
  • Cost of Living
  • Location
  • Whether the part-time jobs are supported
  • Social Problems like Racism and Economic Downturn.
  • many students also want to get international job experience through visa extension and then return to their home country and work there.

CANADA: For those who want to immigrate to an English-speaking country & safety above all else, then Canada is the right place. The country is amongst one of the most immigration-friendly nations in the world. The country has a generous immigration policy and has offered immigrants a safe passage to its shores over the years. Canada is a cold country that tempted the students with its visa rules and PR (permanent residency) system. Canada is one of the best countries to live in because Being multicultural and close to the USA Nature and, students want to settle in Canada, regardless of their choice of course and university. Finish 1 year course and you get the one-year visa extension. After Finishing two-year course you will get the three-year visa extension for the job. After getting a job, you can apply for PR after 6 months and sometimes immediately and within two years you become Canadian Citizen.

Australia- Australia is the land of kangaroos and koalas are an excellent place to relocate and settle down. The country law offers an easy set of regulations for permanent residency to applicants. This country has a high standard of education and living as well as the job prospects are good in Australia. In inspite of racism and the heavy tuition fee, students care about the 2-3 year Visa extension after their education. Australia is one of the most famous study abroad destinations among students in Asia because of a high standard of living and better job prospects and the easy PR rules of Australia. The student can get PR in Australia within two years as well. But have to spend 50000-70000USD for education.

Singapore- Study in Singapore and if you are lucky to get into the job sector you are eligible to apply for PR. The time that undergoes is range from 6 months to one year. there are rules and regulations for applicants that are in the going process of seeking a visa for Australia.

USA- Getting a green card in the USA is a dream for many people. minimum of 10 years will be taken to get your visa processed. After completion of your education, you will get a two-year visa extension. But the US is still a country well known for its university reputation, lifestyle, and technology, everyone dreams about.

Germany - Germany is among the best economies in the world and it has the lowest levels of unemployment in the European Union. Total 9 million foreigners are live in Germany now. Every passing year thousands of migrants come to Germany for a better life. the international students have preferred Germany because of its excellence in higher education. There are 104 universities and 51 colleges of art 203 universities of applied science. and 29 colleges of public administration. German universities and colleges offer more than 13,500-degree programs. All institutions of higher education are open to students of all nations and many degree programs are taught partly or entirely in English.s