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Europe is a continent also called the 'Peninsula of Peninsulas' and the 'Peninsula of Eurasia'. The combined area of Europe and Asia named as Eurasia.

Europe's largest country is Russia (37% of the total continent area).

If you are searching for counties that are giving their best in education, then Europe is a great option for students. had held a large no of world-famous universities. they also give students entry to the European job market. With a bunch of countries to choose from and access to the single market, Europe is the best fit for students seeking knowledge and high career prospects. A Trueway immigration helps students navigate the European education system and gain admission to prestigious universities.

for students who want to establish themselves abroad, Europe is the ideal destination. It brags of high-quality universities in every discipline and a welcoming multicultural environment

  • Renowned universities
  • retrieve scholarship & free education (some countries)
  • Opportunities in sciences, arts & business
  • Multicultural environment
  • Access to Europe

Study cost in Europe is from 4500 euro to 10,000 euro .2 different intake period of universities in Europe is fall intake, spring intake. students can do part-time work in Europe while they study there.

  • the requirement to take a Europe visa is :
  • Visa application form for selected country
  • Produce the Proof of meeting age requirement of the country
  • Valid passport
  • Valid documentation from a European university
  • Produce Documents and evidence of fair finances to meet your expenses
  • Flight tickets
  • Proof of meeting the language requirement

After graduation, European countries offer various employment opportunities. After completion of studies, graduates need to apply for temporary residence or a work permit soon after graduating to stay in the country. A Trueway immigration can guide you on this process so you can plan your educational and professional journey in Europe better.