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Tired of toss over through brochures of schools and get confused after scrolling on universities' websites? A Trueway Immigration with its excellent experience in shaping careers can help you choose the Canadian course and institution that help you with your circumstances includes your academic and financial background. While helping you in taking the right decisions we will also take into account your long-term objectives, for example, your professional aspirations. Examine the admission process of your chosen university can often be a perplexing task. A Trueway Immigration accredited as the best immigration consultant for Canada in India makes things easier for the students. We furthermore coordinate with the best-fitted educational institution admission office, acting as your representative to ensure the process moves forward as efficiently as possible.

The unique feature of Canadian immigration is that the country is immigration friendly and offers a variety of choices for a client to choose from. There are several provinces in Canada. Some of them have their own set of immigration laws and rules. Quebec, Ontario, Newfoundland, Alberta, and British Columbia are the provinces that are popular with immigrants.

There are several types of occupations in Canada that come under the professions that are eligible for migration. Working visa as Skilled worker immigration is the popular immigration type in Canada. the economy of Canada depends on the occupations under this visa. A permanent Residency Permit will be given to those candidates who fulfilled the offer conditions.

There are special and separate visas for business people, investors, students, spouse of a candidate, family, post graduate work, tourists, workers, and many more. Several requirements have to be considered while applying under a specific type of visa.


If we talk about the area under Canada, Canada is the second biggest country in the world, right after Russia. It's a country filled with endless beauty that consists of 10 provinces and 3 territories, extending from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and into the Arctic Ocean. The education in Canada is brilliant and listed among the world’s best with a well-funded and strong public education system.

  • Academic Excellence
  • Focus on skill development
  • Earn while you learn
  • It’s affordable
  • Quality of life – Safe and peaceful
  • Cultural diversity
  • Immigration opportunities

A Trueway Immigration is the best and trustworthy immigration and visa consultant take assists and helps you in fulfilling all the requirements of a particular visa. We ensure that all steps are undertaken so that your dream of Canadian Immigration comes true.